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Maher Handmade Hurls

At Maher Handmade Hurls, we have been making the finest quality hurls for almost 30 years. Unlike most other brands, we handcraft each hurl individually with the greatest skill and care. We take pride in using the finest quality timber to produce a hurl that will last over time. Over the years, we have made thousands of hurls for clubs around Ireland, and even as far abroad as Japan. Our hurls have been used by some of the country's top inter-county hurlers, from many different counties. You will also find Maher Handmade hurls in many sports shops and retail stores around Ireland.

Once again, the main reason for our success is the individual care we put into each hurl and our ability to cater for any size, size, shape or weight. You can choose from a variety of different styles here on our website or simply request your own particular model. When you realize how much time, effort and skill that goes into the manufacturing of each individual hurl, you will see that our hurls are great value for money. The fact that they are so easily affordable, while still reaching the highest standards makes it easy to understand why we have such a high level of repeat customers.

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If you really want to make serious improvements in your game, you need to find the perfect hurl. The problem, of course, is how do you find the perfect hurl without having a huge amount to choose from. I mean, you go to any hurl maker and order a hurl and they will usually just throw a plank in a machine
and hand you whatever comes out. And if by chance, you happen to come across an excellent stick, you will probably break it within a few weeks. And then you have to start the process all over again. I have found my answer in Maher Handmade Hurls. The hurls are made to perfection and even if you bring them home and they don't suit, you can simply bring it back and Paul will make any adjustments that need to be made. My skills and striking have improved so much and because of this my confidence has increased. All thanks to Paul Maher. Would I recommend Maher Handmade Hurls? Definitely! read more

Stephen Nolan, Wexford Intercounty Hurler