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A native of Wexford, Paul has a wealth of experience in the hurl making business. Maher Handmade Hurls was originally founded in 1983, although the Maher's had been making hurls for years before that. It is both owned and run by Paul Maher. Paul's passion for woodwork and design is a direct result of exposure at an early age from his father who also handcrafted hurls. This is more than just a job for Paul; it's a way of life. His workshop is filled with a range of machines that he uses to flatten, straighten and shape timber, to uniquely create each hurl. He has made hurls for some of Ireland's most influential GAA players and is much sought after by many clubs around Ireland and beyond. For Paul, the relationship with each client is key to success which is reflected in his many long standing and loyal client connections. Maher Handmade Hurls has also featured in the media on numerous occasions.

Paul Features On The Discovery Channel

Paul recently featured on the Discovery Channel, demonstrating the craft of making hurls by hand – from start to finish – to an international audience in the television programme ‘How it’s Made’. Broadcast in more than 35 languages and 180 countries, the series is seen by more than 180 million weekly viewers. ‘How it’s Made’ is an educational programme often used in schools and colleges, which documents for future generations the manufacturing processes of everyday objects. This programme was broadcast on the Science Channel in the US in June 2014. The same program will be broadcast in Ireland and the UK on Sky Discovery, Friday 10 July 2015 at 8:30pm.

Other airings; Friday 10 July 2015, Sky Discovery+1 at 9:30pm, Sunday 12 July 2015, Sky Discovery at 6:30pm, Sunday 12 July 2015, Sky Discovery+1 at 7:30pm. The program (S22/E9) also features NASCAR Car bodies and Thermal Coffee Pots.

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