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I first heard about Maher Handmade Hurls from a friend who drives up 2 hours especially to buy his hurls here every year. I had tried the hurls a few times when I was in UCD and always found them to be the highest quality.
PJ Nolan, Wexford Inter-county Hurler
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testimonial Maher handmade hurls
My experience with Maher Handmade Hurls has been excellent and I highly recommend them. If you chose to buy a hurl, I can assure you that you will be using them for the rest of your career.
David Curtin, Dublin Inter-county Hurler
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Maher Hurls offer a high quality hurl at a low price. The ash used is excellent and the hurl is made to last – I definitely recommend them"
Conal Keaney, Dublin Inter-county Hurler
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My skills and striking have improved so much and because of this my confidence has increased. All thanks to Paul Maher. Would I recommend Maher Handmade Hurls? Definitely!
Stephen Nolan, Wexford Intercounty Hurler
Firstly I would like to say a big thanks to Maher Handmade Hurls for a very professional service.In 2010, we bought over 300 hurls as a trial run and the hurls were delivered on time and with the highest quality ash. The recession has cut back spending on spending in a lot of clubs but Pauls prices are very reasonable and probably the best value on the market today.
Seamus O'Leary, Club Official, Shelmaliers GAA
By investing your money with Maher Handmade Hurls, you are guaranteed a solid reliable service that will generate results for you. And that's exactly what it is – an investment for your club or team. Maher Handmade hurls were very reliable suppliers and I was very happy with them and I will be back! To anybody reading this, I would advise you that you have possibly come across a huge breakthrough for your business and don't hesitate to take the jump and invest in Maher Handmade Hurls now!
John O'Leary, My Sport, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford
Shown above are just samples of the players, clubs and sports shops we have catered for over the years. We have literally supplied players and clubs through the whole of Ireland and the Maher brand label is synonymous with quality and affordable pricing